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Handicap ADA Roll In Portable Shower From Shower Bay

Handicap ADA Roll In Portable Shower From Shower Bay



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Ramp allows for secure and clean access

Walk-in choice with shower chair

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One of the elements of choosing the most effective kind of wheelchair accessible bathe stall for your wants is the set up. If you need to avoid the pricey and messy process of transforming your rest room, check out walk-in bathe kits:

  • A roll-in bathe stall by Shower Bay can easily be erected in any room. You can install the handicap shower in a bed room, office, den, or another ADA-accessible surroundings.

  • With our ADA roll-in shower units, you do not want to make use of any tools to assemble the stall. The bathe works as quickly as you attach it to your sink faucet.

  • It literally takes lower than 10 minutes from receiving the stall to having the flexibility to take a bathe.

  • Plus, the Shower Bay transportable wheelchair shower could be rolled into your entryway.

As an added bonus, you don’t want to hire further laborers to assist with the set up of this compliant bathe for disabled or elderly people. That saves you even more cash and energy.


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Our Walk-in Handicap Showers Will Help Increase Your Well-Being


Welcome to Shower Bay! We are your main resource for high-quality, ADA-compliant handicap showers. Let us give you secure roll-in bathe stalls that offer complete accessibility whether you are handicapped or utilizing a wheelchair for mobility. We assist senior citizens, handicapped individuals, and caregivers of the aged to seek out the right answer for accessibility in the rest room. Start by learning extra about the advantages of handicap accessible showers by Shower Bay.

Being mobile means you can safely and securely take a shower using our walk-in bathe stalls. You usually are not worried about slipping or falling on this moist setting. Yet the conventional bathroom is not adaptable to people with accessibility issues. To make your rest room compliant, you might have the ability to use shower seats, grab bars, or shower commode chairs. If you would possibly be buying on-line for a barrier-free bathe due to a incapacity or that can help you enhance mobility after a long illness or surgical procedure, we have you lined:

  • Roll-in bathe stalls make it easier for individuals in wheelchairs to get round.
  • For post-operative rehabilitation, most of these handicap showers let you move round more freely throughout the completely different phases of recovery.

These shower stalls are designed to work seamlessly with wheelchairs, walkers, and other walking aids. As a pacesetter in walk-in shower kits that are secure and ADA approved for bathe wheelchairs, Shower Bay helps you improve your mobility.

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Taking a bathe is among the most private and private experiences that anybody has. For individuals who wrestle with mobility or need assistance after surgical procedure, this experience may be misplaced. As a outcome, sufferers might have a lack of self-confidence that may affect their emotional and mental wellbeing. By making showers safer for seniors or handicap people, we’re serving to to boost confidence.

Our shower stalls allow anybody who is ready to stand or sit to take a shower and keep their private hygiene. Along with helping you to remain clear, which aids in wound healing and immunity response, you have the arrogance that you could take a shower with out worrying about getting damage or being careworn. It all begins with Shower Bay!

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Unfortunately, falls are the most typical amongst senior residents in accordance with the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence on the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. Choosing an ADA roll-in bathe certifies that utilizing this device will protect against preventable accidents including slip-and-fall incidents.

An ADA-approved shower stall is designed and constructed using plans and supplies which are confirmed to be safe for handicap use. This way you or your family members could be assured in figuring out that you’ve got chosen one of the best moveable bathe attainable. Shower time may be less annoying and relaxing—the way it’s supposed to be.

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Increase Your Independence


Right together with a lift of confidence, a barrier-free or walk-in bathe can instill independence. When you can bathe alone it significantly increases your autonomy. At the identical time, you’ll be able to regain your physical and mental strength. Whether you would possibly be recovering from surgery or living with an impairment, this can help you overcome your disability.

Being in a place to transfer around and bathe by yourself is among the most powerful activities you can do as someone dwelling with a incapacity or publish joint alternative surgery. And it all starts by selecting the best-rated handicap showers by Shower Bay. Our roll-in showers include handrails and guards designed exclusively to accommodate people with accessibility needs.

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Along with having a shower that helps you to get clean with out concern of falling, Shower Bay shower stalls also allow you to maintain your own house clear. By having a conveyable handicap shower, you or your caregiver is in a position to keep this stall clear with minimal effort due to the low profile design. In fact, you are ready to sit in our bathe chair and clear the stall without standing. This is a good assist for people who have issues with mobility however need to maintain their independence by cleaning.

Here at Shower Bay, we work with home well being aides, nursing properties, and seniors who’re aging in place. Our prospects and clients need to find ADA roll-in showers which are going to be safe for his or her patients or themselves. As such, through the years, our walk-in showers by Shower Bay have been field tested and industry accredited. Shower Bay will get a seal of approval from our satisfied clients and it will hopefully embody you.

Discover the distinction that Shower Bay handicap showers will make in bettering your general well being and wellbeing with these advantages. Call us right now to learn the way to get began with shopping for roll-in showers!

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Shower Bay, the leading manufacturer of accessible showers, is ready to help you together with your portable shower needs. Our handicap bathe stall is out there immediately. We also offer bathe wheelchairs that match securely inside the shower stall.



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